Directed Call Park

Directed Call Park combines the elements of transferring a call and placing it on hold. Rather than having a caller try again later or sending them to voicemail, the called party can transfer the call to a virtual "parking spot" (a dedicated line on the phone of the called party) where it will remain on hold until called party is available to answer.

Directed Call Park is only available for use on certified IP phones. You may see slightly different behaviors and lights depending on the device but the feature works between different device types without issue.

If a parking spot hasn't been created on your account (if the Assignment drop-down menu is blank), please contact your service provider to set it up.

Assign Line to Parking Spot

To access to a Call Park line, whether to park or pick up a call, you must have the Call Park line assigned to your device(s).

  1. Go to Account > Business Cloud > Users > Edit.
  2. In the Devices tab, locate the device you want to set this up on, and click Edit.
  3. Under Line Configuration, locate the line you want to assign as a parking spot and click Edit.
    • Type: Call Park
    • Assignment: Select the parking spot you want to assign to the line.
  4. Click [Save].


Park a Call

When a caller is on your line click the Parking Spot line you want the call held on. The line key will now blink with a Red flashing light or a green flashing light (depending on the device), notifying all devices with the same Park line that there is a call held on that line.

Polycom devices

On a Polycom, press the Lines soft key at the bottom of the display to go back to the main screen showing the Parking Spot line key. You may need to press the More soft key before pressing the Lines key. That will take you back to the default screen so you can see and press the Parking Spot line.

Yealink devices

Yealink phones do not have a splash screen, so to park the call, press the line key for the Parking spot you want.

For information about Valet Call Park, see Call Park Star Codes.

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