Call Trace

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Call Trace allows you to mark a harassing or threatening phone call in the Call History. If necessary, you must take additional actions to establish a case with your local law enforcement agency.

  Star Codes Disclaimer

Star codes are customized by your service provider. Please refer to your user guide for the list of star codes available on your service.

Star Code Instructions
 Call Trace
  1. After ending the call, dial the Call Trace star code.
  2. You will hear, “The previous call will be marked in your call history.”
  3. A new line for the trace will be entered in the Call History.


In this example, Amy received a phone call at 10:39 and dialed the Call Trace star code immediately after ending the call. There are now two records in the Call History:Call_Trace_1.png

When the Call Trace record is expanded, it shows the CDR details from the call it traced:


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