Joining a Conference as a Guest

Even if your attendees are not Cymbus users, they can join a Collaboration conference as a Guest, using the guest client, a web browser, or by dialing in.

Using the guest client

We recommend that you download the guest client to join a conference. It is free of charge to use the downloaded client for joining someone else's conference. Plus, it allows to send application logs to Support for troubleshooting.

The guest client needs to access your microphone and camera for a conference.

  1. Open the invitation email and click the link to join. Alternatively, you can copy the link and paste it in a browser.


  2. The Now joining page opens in your default browser. From here you can download the app, dial in, or join from your browser.



Join from the Guest app or a web browser

  1. Open the invitation email and click or tap a link to join the conference:
    • Join from the Guest app. The app should start downloading immediately. If it does not, click the link to download it and then run the application. If prompted, allow the app to access through your firewall.
    • Join from your browser. Make sure you use one of the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari.
  2. Type the name you would like to use in the conference. All other conference members see this name in the Participants panel.
  3. If the conference requires a PIN, click Cymbus_Conference_Join_info.png Info to expand the PIN field, the type in the PIN given to you by the Host.
  4. Click or tap Join on the left to for Screen Share and Text only, or tap Join on the right for Voice, Video, and Screen Share. The conference console opens in the web browser.
  5. Give the web browser a permission to access your microphone and camera if prompted.
  6. Optionally perform the following before joining the conference:
    • select a device to use for microphone, speaker, and video,
    • test your microphone and speaker to make sure they work at appropriate volume,
    • preview your video, and
    • decide whether to mute your microphone and/or speaker, as well as whether to send your video.
  7. Click or tap OK.

You are now in the conference. The conference screen appears in the main view if the Host is sharing their screen.


Dial in

With this method, you use a phone to listen and speak during the conference. No video available. Other conference members only see your phone number, not your name.

To view screen share, you need to join the conference from a web browser.

  1. Click dial in.
  2. On the page, locate the bridge number and the phone number for your area.
  3. From a phone, call the local dial-in number, then follow the prompt to enter the bridge number and PIN (if required by Host).

You are now in the conference.


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