Managing Opt-Outs

With every marketing campaign, add an Intelligent Response trigger to allow the contact to opt out of marketing messages. For example:

  • Reply HELP for help.
  • Reply OPTOUT to unsubscribe.
  • Reply STOP to stop.

Intelligent Responses

Trigger Response
HELP To opt out of these marketing messages, reply OPTOUT. To no longer receive any communication from us, reply STOP. – Company
OPTOUT You will not receive any further marketing text communications from us. – Company


When a contact sends "STOP," in any format, they will be immediately opted out of receiving all future messages from that phone number. To prevent losing the contact's message history, "STOP" will not remove them from any Contact Lists. Instead, a label will be added next to the contact's name in the Contacts and Messages panels and the Message Sending area will be disabled. 

Manual Removal

When an agent receives a message with that trigger word, they must manually remove that person from the marketing list. 

1. Click the Contact List drop-down menu.

2. Uncheck the list(s) they've asked to unsubscribe from

3. Check the "Opt Out" list (optional).

In this example, the Agent removed the customer from the "Marketing Opt In" list and added them to the "Marketing Opt Out" list.


 Not HIPPA Complaint

Business Text Messaging is not HIPAA compliant. Do not send any protected health information through this application.  

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