What is Business Lines

   Business Lines User Guide

The Help Center will always have the most up-to-date information, but sometimes a hard copy is easier to consume. Download the Business Lines User Guide (PDF).

Business Lines is a line-based voice solution delivered over IP to analog phones, key systems, or a PBX. No users, no people, just lines. It's a simple solution for users with simple needs.

Designed for (but not exclusive to) retail shops, professional offices, and service companies with a single site office, Business Lines leverages existing analog phone systems as opposed to moving users to a more complicated solution.



Single Page Management See all of your phone numbers, lines, hunt groups, devices, and voicemail boxes on the same page.
Quick Setup Create new lines and hunt groups while adding phone numbers, and create voicemail boxes while setting up lines. Change a setting in one section and it will be updated in the others.
Line-Based Phone numbers and lines are created independently.
Hunt Groups Set up linear, sequential, or simultaneous ring line hunting and star codes to quickly forward a line to a hunt group. Using hunt groups, a single phone number could be sufficient to run a business.
Optional Features Voicemail and call waiting are disabled by default.


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