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Forward codes allow end users to dial a star code to forward all calls destined for the hunt group to another number. There are two types of forward codes:

  1. Fixed codes forward calls to a preconfigured phone number. This is ideal when the business needs to forward to the same number regularly, such as an after-hours answering service.

    For example, at the end of the day, the receptionist dials a star code to forward all calls to an after-hours answering service. The next morning, they dial the same code to disable it and send calls back to the line hunt.

  2. Variable codes allow the user to dial a star code and enter the phone number calls will be forwarded to. This is ideal if the business needs more flexibility to forward to a different number each time.

You can set up as many codes as you need, but only one can be enabled on the hunt group at a time.

 About Direct-Call Handling and Hunt Groups

Direct-call handling and hunt group call handling are different things, and one has no affect on the other. When a phone number destination is set to a line, it will follow direct-call handling rules; when it’s set to a group, it will follow hunting rules.


Add Forward Code

The star codes available on the hunt group for forwarding are from a reserved range of 2-digit codes (such as *8X for *80–*89) that are not already set up for standard use and are not being used by another hunt group on the same account.

If you need a code that is not available, contact your service provider for assistance.

1. Go to Account > Business Lines > Hunt Groups.

2. In the Forward Code Management tab, click [+ Add Forward Code].

3. Fill out the fields.


Field Description
Forward Name
Enter a name for this code.
Star Code
Assign an available star code from the menu.
Type Choose Fixed or Variable.

Once a code is saved, the type cannot be changed. For example, a Fixed code cannot be switched to a Variable code, and vice versa.

Forward Number For a Fixed code, enter the phone number calls will be forwarded to when the call is enabled.

4. Click [Save].


Delete Forward Codes

Deleted forwarding codes cannot be restored. When an active forward code is deleted, the forwarding will be removed from the hunt group and all calls destined for the hunt group will follow the hunt group strategy.

1. In the Forward Code Management tab, select the code you want to delete.

2. Click [Delete] on the left.

3. A popup will ask if you really want to delete the code. Click [Delete] to confirm.



Be careful to delete the Forwarding Code and not the Hunt Group!

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