User Management

End users, the heart of any account, are managed here. Each end user is set up with a device, phone number, calling plan, etc. If Voice Portal Access is enabled in the Settings tab, they can manage their account settings in the end user portal.

Select a user to view and manage their settings.

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Field Description
Search Filter Filter the displayed users by username, first or last name, extension, device, MAC address, phone number, caller ID number, or user tag.
User Type Filter
From the menu next to the search bar, select a user type to filter the list by.
Name The user's first and last name.

Their Voice Portal username or email address, if it's being used as their username. If this is blank, the user does not have access to the Voice Portal.

User Type

Identifies whether the user is a Super Admin, Advanced Admin, Standard Admin, Basic Admin, or End User. This determines the level of access the user has to the Voice Portal.

See also: BCC Admin User Types

Extension The dial-able extension assigned to the user on the account.
Edit Select a user or click Edit to view and manage their settings in each tab: Calls, Devices, Settings, and Voicemail.
  Manage a User's Calls
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