Mobile Settings

On the Settings tab, you can find:

  • End User Portal. Manage some of your own settings, including devices, device logs, and avatar photo.
  • Preferences. Choose how you want Cymbus to work.
  • Advanced Settings. Settings that apply to Cymbus as a whole. Most cannot be modified.
  • Conferences. Choose if Conferences will require a PIN/Passcode and when Conferences on your bridge will start (Only When The Host Joins) and end (Immediately).
  • Help Desk Assistant. Initiate a support session for remote diagnostics. Android only.
  • About Cymbus. Information about Cymbus, such as the version history and third-party credits.

User Portal

Go to Settings > End User Portal to manage these features.

Devices Conferences Photo Password Preferences

Device Logs

Search through your device logs by filename or full text. Sort the results by date, relevance, and size.


Manage Devices

You can log in to Cymbus on only two devices. If you need to switch to a new device, one of your old devices will need to be deactivated.

  1. Go to Settings > End User Portal > Devices to view your activated devices.
  2. Find the record of the device that you wish to deactivate, then tap Delete.
  3. A message will pop up asking if you're sure you want to delete this device. Tap Delete to confirm.

Now you can log in on another device.


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