Cymbus contacts are pre-populated and managed by your system administrator. Other contacts can be added by you.

View Contacts

Go to the Contacts or Favorites tabs to view your contacts. Use the search bar to locate an individual contact or scroll to the list.

Contact Info Flyout

Click on the name of a Contact or Favorite to view their contact details. For more information, click Profile.



Shortcut Menu

Right-click (Windows) or CTRL+click (Mac) on a Contact or Favorite to view the shortcut menu. Here you can initiate a call, send a message or email, add to favorites, and more.


Add Contacts


In the Contacts tab, click mceclip2.png to add a person to your contact list. In the Contact Profile, choose the group of contacts this person will belong to, and enter their name and number.


From the History tab, select an entry for an unknown contact and click mceclip3.png to add them to your contact list. Alternatively, right-click (Windows) or CTRL+click (Mac) and select Add to Contacts.


Contacts can also be added from the Contacts menu (top).


Go to the Contacts menu and select Import Contacts or Export Contacts. Contacts can be imported or exported in a .csv, .vcf, or Outlook/Exchange Server format.

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