Intelligent Responses

Intelligent Responses are the words that trigger an Automatic Response to be sent. Entries are listed alphabetically by text trigger.


Single or Multiple Word Keywords

Intelligent Responses can include one word or multiple word (phrase) keywords, which allows you to trigger Automatic Responses that are more focused and will reach the recipient at the appropriate time.

For example, currently if a company is using the keyword "hours" to trigger an automatic response that includes the hours of the company, it might inadvertently be sent it to a recipient who is sharing their availability for a service call, such as "I will be home between the hours of..." Using keyword phrases, the company can set up different responses for “hours are you open” and “between the hours of” and every other necessary variation.

New Intelligent Response

  1. Go to Message Bot > Intelligent Responses.
  2. Click Add a new Intelligent Response.
  3. Enter the following information:
Field Description
Type Choose if the inbound text trigger must be an exact match or if it can be included as part of the text message.
Inbound Text The word or words that trigger this response. These words may include special characters, such as an apostrophe. Be as specific or vague as needed to make sure the correct response is sent. To finish one keyword and add another one, type a comma, hit Tab, or hit Enter.
Intelligent Response The Response Message that is sent.
SMS Number The phone number this response is applied to.
Scheduling The schedule that determines when the message is sent.

Business Text Messaging will ignore special characters that a customer might send in a message, so make sure the Inbound Text you enter here doesn’t have any.

  • im interested = I’m Interested, I’m interested, im interested, I’m interested!

Here’s what it looks like:



Every business is unique, but here are a few examples to help you think about the Intelligent Responses that might be helpful: 

Trigger Response Message
optin Marketing Opt In Thanks for signing up! Here’s your coupon: LINK
optout Marketing Opt Out You’ve opted out of all marketing messages.
STOP Unsubscribe All You will receive no further automated communications from us.
address, directions, located Location Here’s the Google Maps link for our location:
hours open, when open, what hours
Business Hours
We’re open Monday-Saturday from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM, closed Sunday.
D Location Here’s the Google Maps link for our location: 
Y Confirmed Your appointment is confirmed!
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