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Group Night Forwarding, also known as Night Mode, allows users in an auto-attendant group to turn their calls on in the morning and off at night by dialing a star code.

When enabled, incoming calls to the auto-attendant group are redirected to a pre-set phone number, which can be to another group, a voicemail box, a user, or an off-net number (like the night manager's cell phone). And because it's controlled by a star code, each group can manage it independently.

Set Up Group Night Forwarding

  1. Log in to the Voice Portal and go to Auto-Attendant.
  2. Create a new auto-attendant or edit an existing one.
  3. Add or edit a Group route in the auto-attendant path.
    Auto-Attendant_Route_Group.png AA-NightForwarding.png
  4. Under Night Forwarding, enter the following:
    • Forwarding Number. The on- or off-net phone number calls will be redirected to.
    • Description. A description to identify the phone number (optional).
    • Group Number. A three-digit identifier that will be used with the star code to enable or disable Night Forwarding.
  5. Scroll down and click [Save].
  6. Finish customizing the auto-attendant, then activate it to make it live.

Now users assigned to the group can dial the star code to enable or disable forwarding to this group.

Shared Group Numbers

The group number does not have to be unique. When the same number is assigned to multiple groups, enabling/disabling Night Forwarding for one will enable/disable it for them all. This strategy is useful when multiple teams are on the same schedule, or one team is assigned to answer calls for multiple groups. However, to allow each group to manage their Night Forwarding setting independently, all auto-attendant groups must have a unique group number.

Enable or Disable Forwarding

Only a user assigned to the auto-attendant group can enable or disable Night Forwarding for that group. However, if multiple groups are assigned the same group number, the user who enables/disables it only has to belong to one of the groups.

  1. A user in the auto-attendant group will dial the Group Forwarding star code + the group number.
    • For example, if the star code is 65 and the group number is 102, the user will dial *65102.
  2. Follow the audio prompts:
    • Press 1 to turn on Night Forwarding.
    • Press 2 to turn off Night Forwarding.
    • Press 3 to set the Night Forwarding number.

  Call Queuing

If calls are in the queue when Night Forwarding is enabled, those calls will remain in the queue until answered, and all new calls to the queue will be forwarded.

Change Forwarding Number

A group user can change the forwarding number by dialing the star code and pressing 3. Alternatively, an Admin user can change the forwarding number in the editor:

  1. Open the Auto-Attendant editor for the one you need to modify.
  2. Edit the Group route and change the Night Forwarding phone number.
  3. Click [Save] to apply the new number.

Check Forwarding Status

To find out if Night Forwarding is currently enabled for a group, open the auto-attendant in View Only mode, then go to the Group route. The Night Forwarding flag will say either Inactive or Active.

AA Night Forwarding Inactive.png AA Night Forwarding Active.png



If you're looking for a way to customize call routing rules for specific days and hours of operation, try the Scheduling route instead.

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