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In Phone Numbers, you can see and manage all the phone numbers on the account, including their routing destinations and caller ID. If you don’t see Phone Numbers in the menu, please contact Customer Support.

Using the Search field, you can filter the results by phone number, destination, or address (including City, State, and Postal Code) associated with the Customer Service Record or E911 Record.


Click the left side of the phone number to view the Customer Service Record and edit the E911 Record. Click the right side to edit the phone number destination settings.


Customer Service Record

The customer service record (CSR) includes the person’s or company’s name, postal code, and street address. This information is entered when the phone number is added to the account and can only be changed by Customer Support.


E911 Record

An E911 address allows emergency services to determine the location of each phone or device in case they need to call 911. The registered address must be the physical address where the device is located and include any additional information (such as a suite, apartment, building, etc.) necessary to identify the caller's location.

If the E911 address is the same as the CSR, check the Same as CSR Record box. If not, uncheck the box and enter the correct information in the fields below. When you’re done, click [Save]. It may take several hours for the changes to take effect.


Feature Description
Name The name of the individual or company the phone number belongs to.
Postal Code The postal code of the address.
Enter Address The address associated with the phone number. Start typing an address and options will populate below. Select the correct address.
Manual Entry Enter the address manually. These fields will automatically populate with the existing information and are optional unless otherwise indicated. If the address is for a multi-unit building, you can add the Unit Type and Unit Number here.
Provide Lat/Long

Check this box to view and/or modify the latitude and longitude coordinates for the E911 address. These coordinates determine the PSAP responsible for receiving the 911 call, not the ambulance dispatch location. This additional information is useful for new addresses that haven't yet been registered with the Master Street Address Guide (MSAG).

When checked, Lat/Long is automatically generated using the provided address. Click View Lat/Long in Google Maps to see the approximate location. If you have more exact coordinates, enter them here and click [Save].

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