Legacy Cymbus iOS App Release Notes

Legacy Cymbus iOS App Release Notes


The Legacy Cymbus mobile apps for Android and iOS will automatically update according to standard app store rules. Note that all iOS users will get logged out after an upgrade. Make sure to log back in.

iOS 6.13.3 — September 2023

Resolved issues

This version contains improvements to the overall stability and performance of Cymbus and miscellaneous bug fixes.

Expected behavior


Known issues


Previous Releases

iOS 6.13.2 — August 2023

Resolved issues

This version contains improvements to the overall stability and performance of Cymbus and miscellaneous bug fixes.

iOS 6.13.1 — July 2023

Quick access buttons and conversation history

On the Contacts tab, the contact detail page now has quick access buttons as well as conversation history.

  • Quick access buttons include placing a call, messaging, and viewing a call history with this specific contact.

  • The conversation history shows a call history with this specific contact. This section is view only.

Resolved issues

This version contains improvements to the overall stability and performance of Cymbus and miscellaneous bug fixes.

iOS 6.12.2 — June 2023

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an iOS 17 Beta specific issue.

  • Fixed an issue where the user was unable to scroll down to the bottom of the page after a new contact is created.

iOS 6.12.1 — May 2023

OpenSSL 3.0 Support

The Cymbus app uses OpenSSL 3.0.

No Logout Button for End User Portal

The Logout button is now removed from End User Portal when accessing it from within the app.

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue where a missed call notification didn't appear properly on iOS 15.

iOS 6.11.4 — April 2023

Resolved issues

  • Includes additional fixes for calling issues with iOS 16.4 devices.

  • Fixed an issue where a user could not bring the app into foreground. This issue was observed after receiving a call in the background when the preference "Private when in background" is enabled.

iOS 6.11.2/6.11.3 — March 2023

Resolved issues

This version contains improvements to the overall stability and performance of Cymbus and miscellaneous bug fixes.

iOS 6.11.1 — February 2023

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue with sending a diagnostic log with a description provided by an end user.

iOS 6.10.3 — January 2023

Change in handling concurrent calls

We made a small change with how Cymbus handles multiple calls so that Cymbus behaves in the same way as Native Dialer.

Previously when Cymbus has two ongoing calls and one of the calls ended, the remaining call automatically becomes unheld (or active in other words) so that the user starts hearing the call as soon as another call ended. Now, the remaining call stays on hold until the end user explicitly takes the call off hold.

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue with Voice Over where the Decline button for receiving files was not accessible via Voice Over.

  • Other stability improvements and fixes.

iOS 6.10.2 — December 2022

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue with Help Desk Assistant where a reference code did not generate when user chose Connect to initiate a session.

iOS 6.10.1 — November 2022

iOS 16 Support

Cymbus app version 6.10.1 includes iOS 16 support. Note that we are not ready to announce a full support for Dynamic Island including iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max as more changes are required.

This app version also drops iOS 13 support; any devices using iOS 13 will not be able to upgrade to this app version.

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an audio issue on iOS 16 where a user heard distorted sounds during a call when Airpods were connected. (Ticket # 70405)

iOS 6.9.3 — October 2022

Fix for VoiceOver accessibility support on iOS 16

Resolved an accessibility issue on iOS 16 where VoiceOver could not read out some labels such as entries on the Call History tab, Remove Favorite, and some Cymbus meeting related actions.

Adjusted the "Back to the call" bar on iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max

The Back to the call bar during an active call previously appeared too narrow on the devices with the Dynamic Island. The height has been adjusted so it is easier to tap now. Stay tuned for a full support for Dynamic Island.

iOS 6.9.2 — September 2022

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue where contact favorites disappeared on iPad and could not be added as favorite after upgrading to Cymbus Version 6.9.1.

  • Fixed an issue where SMS messages were split even when they were shorter than 160 characters.

iOS 6.9.1 — August 2022

Resolved issues

  • Translation of Delete Log has been added. (Ticket # 65443)

iOS 6.8.3 — July 2022

Resolved issues

This version contains improvements to the overall stability and performance of Cymbus and miscellaneous bug fixes.

iOS 6.8.2 — May 2022

Delete Log

The Delete Log button has been added under Advanced Settings. This button clears the content of the Cymbus log on the device so that the log starts over empty.

Resolved issues

  • The call encryption indicator now appears on outbound calls.

  • Users with Cymbus Push enabled now see localized incoming call notifications.

iOS 6.8.1 — April 2022

Resolved issues

  • Better connectivity for a Cymbus meeting on network change

iOS 6.7.3 — March 2022

UI changes

This version includes minor UI changes to align with Desktop and Android apps.

  • The menu to start Cymbus meeting calls has been changed from Conference Call to Meeting. The functionality stays the same.

  • The iOS app now presents the call forwarding indicator in the same way as the Android app.

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue where incoming calls via push notification may have no audio. This change includes an improvement in choosing IPv6 network over IPv4.

iOS 6.7.2 — February 2022

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue where dialing from Call history failed when the Strip Foreign Domain preference was off.
  • Aligned with Android on handling the Menu icon color; the icon now is colored with either black or white depending on the background color.
iOS 6.7.1 — January 2022

Dark mode support

Cymbus supports dark mode. Go to iOS Settings > Display & Brightness and choose the Dark appearance.

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue where the device screen did not lock automatically when Cymbus was in the foreground.
  • Fixed an issue where user could not log into End User Portal if their password included a special character.
iOS 6.6.3 — December 2021

Location prompt for 911 calls

Cymbus Version 6.6.3 enables E911 to use the device’s GPS coordinates, which means calls to 911 or other emergency services from the Cymbus app will be dynamically routed to the nearest PSAP based on the user’s active location. When the app asks for location permission on the device, select Allow While Using App to make it work. Make sure the Precise location is enabled. See Emergency Calls in the Cymbus Apps on the Cymbus Help Center.


Improvements and changes

  • The default value for upstream video resolution is now 480p. Users who previously selected another resolution under Preferences > Devices > Other Devices > Max ResolutionPreferences > Video Resolution Wi-Fi or Mobile will see no change until they uninstall and install the app again.

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue with Cymbus Push where the first incoming call fails after the app was terminated by OS in the background.
iOS 6.6.2 — November 2021

New menu for Settings and Logging out

This version introduces the new Menu at the top left corner, so Settings can be accessed from anywhere in the app. With this change, the Edit button for IMs and Chatrooms has been removed. To delete an IM thread or leave a chatroom, swipe left on the item you want to delete. This swipe action will reveal the Delete or Leave button.

Resolved issues

This version contains improvements to the overall stability and performance of Cymbus and miscellaneous bug fixes.

iOS 6.6.1 — October 2021

New features and improvements

  • iOS 15 Support.

  • Unread messages: When users open a thread, it displays the first unread message with an arrow down icon indicating how many unread messages are left in the thread. Tap this icon to mark all the rest as read instead of manually scrolling down.

Resolved issues

  • No audio on push calls on mobile data on iPhone 12.
  • Localization issues on contact labels in French.
iOS 6.5.3 — August 2021

Resolved issues

  • The Decline with Message button for an incoming call now works as expected.
  • The push notification for a new message now includes the Reply button and a text field.
  • Siri now sends messages using Cymbus.
iOS 6.5.2 — July 2021

Resolved issues

  • A fix for the Chatroom error "Room not available" after the XMPP account reconnected.
iOS 6.5.1 — June 2021

Change in System Requirements

Dropping iOS 12 support: This version of Cymbus will not run on iOS 12 devices such as iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus; iPod Touch 6th generation; iPad Air 1st generation.

New feature

Call History Sync Support: when a user logs into Cymbus from multiple devices, the user sees consistent call log history on all the devices. See the Cymbus Help Center about how it works.

Improvements and Changes

  • XMPP groups support: The new preference Show Groups controls how the Roster list displays your contacts. Turn it On to group contacts under departments or other group names decided by your administrator; Off to display everyone under one list. Search works in the same way regardless of this preference.

  • Chat Room improvement: The chat room threads are now automatically refreshed when opened so that users do not need to manually refresh it. With this change, notifications for unread messages are synced among devices. If you have multiple devices and read a message in a Chat Room on one device, notifications on the rest of your devices will be removed.

  • On the Login screen, the Keep Password option has been changed to Remember Login which now controls both login username and password. This change aligns the behavior between desktop and mobile clients.

iOS 6.4.5 — May 2021

Improvements and Changes

  • New preference - Show Number in Notification

    This preference allows you to see a phone number or SIP username in incoming call notifications. This preference helps you identify calls if you receive many calls with the same label such as UNKNOWN.

  • Language: Added support for German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, and Korean.

Resolved issues

  • Fix for a known issue where Cymbus meeting session was lost when moving from Wi-Fi to Mobile.
  • Fix for a connecting issue with Cymbus meeting conferences.
  • Fix for the conference menu not being displayed when the Keep Password setting was disabled.
iOS 6.4.4 — April 2021

New features

  • Speaker mute on iPhone: Cymbus installed on iPhone now has the ability to mute speaker during a call. This helps to prevent echo when two or more devices are in the same area during a call.

  • Join muted option for Cymbus meeting conferences: Added a new option to join a conference with your microphone muted. To enable this option, go to Cymbus > Settings > Conferences and enable Mute Mic When Joining.

  • HD Video Resolution: Added a new option for 480P, which uses 848 x 480 pixels.

iOS 6.3.7 — March 2021

Improvements and changes

  • Video: Removed the CIF option (352x288) from Video resolution preferences. With this change, the lowest option available is VGA.
  • Messaging: On the Messaging tab, the People section has been changed back to the IM section.

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue where the End User Portal was not being displayed within the app.
iOS 6.3.5 — November 2020

New features

  • Chat room typing indication: Both public and private chat rooms show an indicator when someone else is typing into the chat room.

  • New preference for muting: A new preference has been added to automatically mute your voice when the device is placed face down during a call (audio, video, and Cymbus meeting). Go to Cymbus's Settings > Preferences > Mute when face down.

  • Push improvements: Changes have been made to fine tune the Cymbus's behavior against Cymbus Push servers.

Improvements and Changes

  • Settings have been reorganized and aligned between Cymbus for iOS and Cymbus for Android.

  • Send Landscape has been removed from Preferences.

  • Use VPN if Active has been removed from Advanced Settings.
  • Users will be required to click/press button to complete calls (auto-calling after dialing will be disabled by default).

Resolved issues

  • A fix for the registration failure with 503 / connectivity on iOS 14

  • A fix for the mute icon appearing enabled (muted) after the user locked the phone and then unmuted without unlocking.
  • A fix for wrong User-Agent name.
  • A fix for startup failure affecting some users after upgrading to iOS 14.

  • Changes needed for handling the Local Network permission on iOS 14.

  • A fix for an issue with Mute when face down on slower or older devices.

  • A fix for delay at app startup.
  • A fix for custom colors not being applied to Cymbus UI.
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