Cymbus Android App Release Notes

Cymbus Android App Release Notes


The Cymbus mobile apps for Android and iOS will automatically update according to standard app store rules.

Android 6.11.1 - February 2023

Dropping Android 8 Support

This app version drops Android 8 support; it does not install on Android 8 devices.

New Contacts and Call History buttons during a call

When you are in a call and want to place a second call or transfer the current call, it is now easier to access your Contacts and Call History. Note the new icons added to the bottom of the pop-up.

Change in handling concurrent calls

We made a small change with how Cymbus handles multiple calls so that Cymbus behaves in the same way as Native Dialer.

Previously when Cymbus has two ongoing calls and one of the calls ended, the remaining call automatically becomes unheld (or active in other words) so that the user starts hearing the call as soon as another call ended. Now, the remaining call stays on hold until the end user explicitly takes the call off hold.

Resolved known issue in Cymbus Android 6.10.2

Some users have reported that when a Galaxy watch is paired with a Samsung device running Android 13, they experience choppy audio with Cymbus. The solution to this issue is to apply an OS update on the Android 13 device.

Resolved issues

  • Corrected a VoiceOver prompt for the Select Outgoing Account button.

Expected behavior


Known issues


Previous Releases

Android 6.10.3 - January 2023

Resolved issues

This version contains improvements to the overall stability and performance of Cymbus and miscellaneous bug fixes.

Known issue in Cymbus Android 6.10.2

Some users have reported that when a Galaxy watch is paired with a Samsung device running Android 13, they experience choppy audio with Cymbus. The solution to this issue is to apply an OS update on the Android 13 device.

Android 6.10.2 - December 2022

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue on the in-call screen where the Contacts button beside the caller's display name did not appear even though the contact was saved in the local / native contacts list. This issue was observed for outgoing calls. Now the Contacts button appears on both incoming and outgoing calls as long as the contact exists in the native contacts list with the matching softphone number.

  • Fixed an issue where long-tapping on history record stopped Cymbus from working.

  • Fixed an issue on UI where the account status message did not appear when network was disabled on the device.

  • Multiple stability fixes.

Android 6.10.1 - November 2022

Android 13 Support

Cymbus app version 6.10.1 includes Android 13 support.

Updates: Picture-in-picture on Android 13

With this app version, picture-in-picture is enabled again on Android 13 devices. Cymbus now shows the correct image when the device is in the portrait mode; however, you will not see picture-in-picture in landscape after navigating away from the call screen. Use a call head instead to go back to the Cymbus call screen.

Resolved issues

This version contains improvements to the overall stability and performance of Cymbus and miscellaneous bug fixes.

Android 6.9.3 - October 2022

New Recordings page via the History tab

Cymbus now has a new page listing all the call recording files stored on your device. Previously in order to listen to a recording, you needed to scroll down the call history to find the entry. Some users found it hard or impossible to locate one if the call history has many entries. To open the Recordings page, go to the History tab, tap More Options > Recordings, then you will see a list of recordings.

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue on tablet where it was unable to enter a room name when creating a new chatroom.

Android 6.9.2 - September 2022

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue where the Share Anonymous Usage Data option chosen by the user on fresh install was not honored.

  • Fixed an issue where an incoming call via Cymbus Push was terminated after ringing.

Android 6.9.1 - August 2022

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue where users could not type a message after opening the message tab from a locked screen. The compose field showed a message "Keyguard is enabled, no typing allowed".

Android 6.8.3 - July 2022

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue with devices on ColorOS/OxygenOS, such as OnePlus and OPPO Find X3 Pro, where screen flickers during a call. (Ticket # 61715/63187/63554/65280/65891/66819)

Android 6.8.2 - May 2022

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue with installation where a Bluetooth permission dialog appeared and prevented a user from moving to the next screen.
  • Fixed an issue where Cymbus had a problem with accepting an encrypted incoming call.
Android 6.8.1 - April 2022

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue with a ring group "Call Completed Elsewhere" feature where Cymbus displayed a call as a missed call even though the call was completed elsewhere.
Android 6.7.3 - March 2022

Battery optimization improvement on Android 12

A customer reported high battery consumption even with Cymbus Push enabled. This version includes changes aiming to solve this issue on Android 12. Contact Customer Support if you still experience an issue.

UI changes

This version includes minor UI changes to align with Desktop and iOS apps.

  • The menu to start Cymbus meeting calls has been changed from Conference Call to Meeting. The functionality stays the same.

  • The Android app now presents the call forwarding indicator in the same way as the iOS app.

Resolved issues

This version contains improvements to the overall stability and performance of Cymbus and miscellaneous bug fixes.

Android 6.7.2 - February 2022

Resolved issues

This version contains improvements to the overall stability and performance of Cymbus and miscellaneous bug fixes.

Android 6.7.1 - January 2022

Changes in system requirements

Dropped Android 6 and 7 support. This version of Cymbus runs on Android 8+ devices.

Dark mode support for Android 10+

Cymbus supports dark mode on Android 10+ devices. Open Cymbus and go to Preferences, scroll down to the bottom, and use Display Theme to change between light, dark, and System default.

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue where user could not log into End User Portal if their password included a special character.
Android 6.6.3 - December 2021

Location prompt for 911 calls

Cymbus Version 6.6.3 enables E911 to use the device’s GPS coordinates, which means calls to 911 or other emergency services from the Cymbus app will be dynamically routed to the nearest PSAP based on the user’s active location. When the app asks for location permission on the device, select Allow While Using App to make it work. See Emergency Calls in the Cymbus Apps on the Cymbus Help Center.


Improvements and changes

  • Advanced media options are now available under Menu > Settings > Advanced Settings.

  • Improved permission handling on Android 11+. The app now asks for the microphone permission when needed even after a user taps Deny more than once. This improvement helps users who accidentally denied the microphone permission without realizing it is required for a phone call.

Resolved issues

This version contains improvements to the overall stability and performance of Cymbus and miscellaneous bug fixes.

Android 6.6.2 - November 2021

New features

  • Android 12 support

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue where a login password was logged as plain text in one of the log files. Now the login password is masked with * (an asterisk).
Android 6.6.1 - October 2021

New menu for Settings and Logging out

This version introduces the new Menu at the top left corner, so the user's Presence, Settings, Log Out, and Exit options can be accessed from anywhere in the app.

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue where a chromebook user could not place a call.

Android 6.5.3 - August 2021

Resolved issues

  • Microphone does work now even when the Cymbus app is in the background.

  • The notification for an incoming call is now accessible even when the device is locked.

  • Calls can now be made using Cymbus on Chromebooks with Chrome OS that emulates Android OS 10 or higher.

Android 6.5.2 - July 2021

Resolved issues

  • A fix for an issue where contact suggestions are not visible on the dialpad while typing. This issue is observed when moving back to the dialer tab from other tabs on Cymbus version 6.5.1.

  • A fix for a broken link in file transfer.

  • A fix for the voicemail count icon disappearing after declining an incoming call.

  • Adjusted the size of the green Call button on dialpad.

Android 6.5.1 - June 2021

New feature

  • Call History Sync Support: when a user logs into Cymbus from multiple devices, the user sees consistent call log history on all the devices. See the Cymbus Help Center about how it works.

  • Opt-out option: When starting this version of Cymbus, it asks for anonymous usage data collection. Cymbus collects usage data in order to improve the quality and performance of Cymbus products. None of the information being collected is personally identifiable. To opt-out, you can select Decline at the startup, or go to Settings > Advanced Settings, and turn off Share Anonymous Usage Data.


  • Favorite sorting: Favorites are sorted alphabetically instead of by date added.

  • Chat Room improvement: The chat room threads are now automatically refreshed when opened so that users do not need to manually refresh it. With this change, notifications for unread messages are synced among devices. If you have multiple devices and read a message in a Chat Room on one device, notifications on the rest of your devices will be removed.

  • On the Login screen, the Keep Password option has been changed to Remember Login which now controls both login username and password. This change aligns the behavior between desktop and mobile clients.

Resolved issues

  • Permissions: the app no longer asks for the External Storage permission when accessing the Photo Gallery, sending files, and taking an avatar photo.

  • File Transfer: PDF and MP4 files will now open when sent via File Transfer.

  • Cymbus meeting: When a user joins a meeting on Chromebooks, their avatar will now appear in the participant list.

  • UI: Increased font size for the banner "Your video is not sent".

Android 6.4.3 - May 2021

New features and Changes

  • Permissions: Changes required by Google for storage access permissions on Android 11.

  • New preference - Show account name on heads-up notification

    This helps you identify which SIP account is receiving the incoming call.

Resolved issues

  • Fix for a password displayed in plan text on End User Portal

Android 6.4.2 - April 2021
  • Join muted options on Android phones for Cymbus meeting conferences: Added new options to Android phones to join a conference with your microphone or speaker muted. To enable these options, go to Cymbus > Settings > Conferences and enable Mute Speaker When Joining and/or Mute Microphone When Joining.

  • HD Video Resolution: Added a new option for 480P, which uses 848 x 480 pixels.

Android 6.3.5 - March 2021


  • A new setting has been added to disable the shush gesture. Flip to silence ringer can be found under Preferences > Incoming Call.

  • Mute when face down improvements - two scenarios are supported: 1) a native incoming call answered via heads-up notification, 2) a call merged into a local conference.
  • Video: Removed the CIF option (352x288) from Video resolution preferences. With this change, the lowest option available is VGA.
  • On the Messaging tab, the People section has been changed back to the IM section.

Resolved issues

  • a fix for a call-in-progress notification that persists even after the call ended

Android 6.3.3 - November 2020

New features

  • Ringtone selection: Cymbus now has the ability to change your ringtone for incoming calls. Go to Preferences > Incoming Call > Ringtone.

  • Native integration improvement: A new setting to use the native dialer UI for dialing out SIP calls. Under Preferences > Telecom Framework > Use Native Dialer. As a reminder, native integration requires Android 8.0+, and is not supported on Chromebooks.

  • The Softphone field in contacts allows the + symbol: The + symbol is now allowed in the Softphone field in contacts, which aligns with the behavior of Cymbus on Desktop.

Improvements and changes

  • PiP (Picture in picture) support on Android 11.
  • When creating a contact from Call Log, the phone number type is now set to Main instead of Softphone. This change aligns the behavior of Cymbus iOS and Android.
  • Improvements in handling push subscriptions between Cymbus and the Cymbus Push server when the app is in the Continuous mode.
  • Reorganized settings so they are aligned between Cymbus iOS and Android clients.

  • Users will be required to click/press the Call button to complete calls (auto-calling after dialing will be disabled by default).

Resolved issues

  • a fix for an issue where sending log fails for a new domain

  • a fix for file transfer file picker not showing the full storage on the device.
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